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Amazing Good News from India on the COVID Front!

There is amazing news from India! Good news from India is remarkably scarce of late, particularly in the Western media which is continuously bewildered by the superficial chaos of a very, very messy democracy with rampant, visible poverty, noisy sectarian … Continue reading

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How Will We Pay for It? Modern Monetary Theory and the Deficit Myth

Modern Monetary Theory and the Deficit Myth There is a fascinating new economic insight emerging that is changing the debate over government spending and “deficits”. It’s called Modern Monetary Theory and one of its vocal proponents is Stephanie Kelton, who … Continue reading

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Did a Huge Volcano in India Help kill off the Dinosaurs? A Fun Journey to Search for the Answer!

  In December I got a phone call from a friend, Mark Richards, inviting me to join a small team of researchers on a trip to India. He said we would be looking for clues to the mystery of the … Continue reading

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India – An Unhappy Country!

A recent issue of the Economist magazine (March 27, 2019) has an interesting article titled, Economic Growth Does Not Guarantee Happiness. In this article the results of a self-reported Happiness Index are reported over the last ten years. The index goes … Continue reading

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Modern Day Physics and the Vedic Hymn of Creation

  I ran into Andrei Linde a couple of weeks ago at the Breakthrough Awards* Symposium at Berkeley and engaged with him in a fascinating debate at dinner afterwards. Andrei Linde is a world renowned Theoretical Physicist and Professor of … Continue reading

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A Magical Journey into Imagination, Art, Math and Whimsy!

  Last Sunday (November 19, 2017) we entered through the beautiful blue steel gates of the Eames house in Sonoma County and were immediately transformed into the magic of Charles and Ray Eames’ world of art, function, mathematics and whimsy. … Continue reading

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The Coming Welcome Extinction – Petroleum Cars!

I asked a dozen friends of mine when they think petrol-driven vehicles will disappear from the U. S. That’s right, when will  100% of all cars, buses, vans, trucks run on Electricity! The average answer I got was: in about … Continue reading

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Is China About to Gobble Up Pakistan?

Last week China convened an historic gathering. It was barely noticed in our media. World leaders gathered in Beijing  to hear about China’s One Belt One Road initiative. It is a new land and maritime Silk Route to connect the … Continue reading

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Dear President Trump, You can grow the Economy at 4%, Create Lots of American Jobs and Reduce the Deficit at the Same Time!

I’m sending this letter to our Prez. Dear President Trump, It’s a no brainer really. We need to spend like mad on our infrastructure as fast as possible. Maybe $2 trillion in the next 5 years, if we can build with the zeal … Continue reading

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Is India Poised for Takeoff?

India turns 70 years of age this year, as do I. I was born there shortly after India obtained its Independence from Britain, on August 15, 1947, in a fiery, brutal birth of the country. The British left a burning mess … Continue reading

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