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The President’s Cunning Debt Ceiling Compromise

Roundup of Today’s News Thursday July 28, 2011 Cabinet Room, The White House, 11 am President Obama spoke to reporters after a grueling two-hour session of negotiations with the House Speaker, John Boehner. His mood was upbeat as he announced … Continue reading

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The Speech Obama Should Have Given

Having just spent two-weeks vacationing in Europe I was mercifully spared our political Kabuki theater on the budget impasse. I returned, sadly,  to a Washington that was still  a shrieking, destructive, primal, feudal, apocalyptic wasteland of partisan banshees … (This … Continue reading

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Financial Disaster Looms – What Should We Do?

The 2008 financial crisis was a once-in-a-century catastrophe. It put our economy in Intensive Care from which it has taken us $23.7 Trillion to get out. If that number surprises you you’re not alone. Much of the $23.7T is Federal … Continue reading

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Sesquipedalians for those who do not suffer from Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia!

So what’s the longest word in the English language? I like words. I love to do the New York Times Crossword puzzle which celebrates words, unusual usage and popular American culture. So I care about questions such as: what’s the … Continue reading

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A Letter to Obama

Dear Mr. President, Can we talk? Your presidency is failing. I voted for you, as did millions of others, because we thought you could arrest our country’s precipitous decline. America desperately needed change when you came into office – we … Continue reading

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