Yellowstone in Winter – Video

A Musical Journey through the Great Vistas of Yellowstone National Park

5 Responses to Yellowstone in Winter – Video

  1. Amita Shenoi says:

    Blow hot, blow cold…. very cool music too!

    • Mohan says:

      Ashok: Really enjoyed the show. likes the way you did the still pictures and mixed them with the video. man of many talents. I dont know if I will ever get to Yellowstone in the middle of winter; so seeing this movie was special.


  2. kirin wadhawan says:

    Absolutely awesome.Ashok it’s like watching a show on PBS,Nova/National Geographic 🙂 I loved the music and can feel the COLD!!!!!!! Loved it. Thanks.kirin

  3. Mary-Ann Milford says:

    Ashok, I love your video of Yellowstone in Winter. I also visited Yellowstone in the winter with my sister and brother-in-law from England, and have sent them a copy, as I know that it will bring back many memories for them.

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