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Ready for Prime Time?

Prime numbers never cease to enthrall and fill us with wonder. There is something about them, I don’t know what, but if you catch the bug you will never stop being amazed. (Prime numbers are those that have no factors … Continue reading

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Six Cherished New Year’s Wishes

I’ve been thinking Math this last week. We had the Math Lover’s Forum at our house – a gathering of Math enthusiasts in an intimate setting discussing a problem of deep interest. One of the attendees, Sean Hennessee,  brought along … Continue reading

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Wolfram Alpha – A Wonderful Math Knowledge Engine

I was talking to my smart nephew the other day. He loves math and loves even more to stump me with math riddles and puzzles. Me: Let’s talk about some fun problems with prime numbers*. I’m thinking of two prime numbers … Continue reading

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“Goodness Gracious Me!” – A Classic from 1960

Peter Sellers has done some wonderful roles in his life time. In 1960 he starred in the movie “The Millionairess” with Sophia Loren. It is a hilarious comedy in which Peter Sellers is an Indian doctor living in London and … Continue reading

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The Cure for Deficits

Our Federal Deficit is in the headlines again. It’s a bi-i-i-g deal! (That’s why I’m capitalizing the F and the D). There’s talk everywhere of the fiscal cliff and debt ceilings and who should pay and what to cut … … Continue reading

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Photosynthesis – A Bright Ray of Hope in our Energy Future

Last Thursday, invited by my friend Sam S. Vasan, I attended a dinner meeting of the AIChE ( American Institute of Chemical Engineers) held in Walnut Creek. The speaker was Prof. Anastosias Melis, a Biochemist from U. C. Berkeley, and … Continue reading

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Winter in Yellowstone: A Place of Exquisite Beauty

Last week, along with a dozen other photographers, I made a trip to Yellowstone National Park. I found winter in Yellowstone to be a unique experience: it was cold, harsh, snowing. Temperatures ranged from -15°F to +20°F – even colder … Continue reading

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An Evolutionist’s Meditation on the Miracle of Being

Some time ago I was asked to give an opening invocation at the Board of Trustees Meeting of CIIS (California Institute of Integral Studies) in San Francisco. How does an Evolutionist invoke the transcendent? I re-read what I had said … Continue reading

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India – The Faltering Tiger?

I just returned from India where I got a chance to meet and interact with Thomas Friedman, the New York Times Op-Ed columnist, and also the author of the recent bestseller, “That Used to be Us”. The event (in New … Continue reading

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Samarkand – An Oasis of Exotic Delights on the Old Silk Road

We just got back from a magical journey. A journey along the old Silk Road where gold and spices and jade and ivory and carpets and rhubarb and tea (and, of course, silk) was carried by caravans of camels in … Continue reading

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