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The Cure for Deficits

Our Federal Deficit is in the headlines again. It’s a bi-i-i-g deal! (That’s why I’m capitalizing the F and the D). There’s talk everywhere of the fiscal cliff and debt ceilings and who should pay and what to cut … … Continue reading

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The Witches’ Brew – A Halloween Incantation

It’s Halloween night! In the gathering gloom the streets of our little town are filling up with trick-or-treaters. Cute youngsters dressed up as ghouls and monsters and gnarly witches are spooking up the neighborhood and the houses are draped with … Continue reading

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“I Think We Found It”

On July 4 of this year an historic announcement was made to the world: “I think we have it!” The “it” was the elusive Higgs boson, something for which the physics community has been searching for decades to complete the … Continue reading

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The Job Creators?

The Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI) is a wonderful Berkeley organization dedicated to the advancement and celebration of Mathematics and its beauty and its application in every day affairs. For example on October 26th (two weeks from today) they are convening … Continue reading

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Message to Fellow 1 Percenters

Wanna scare your Tea Party friends? Just yell “Big Government!“ The effect will be like throwing a slab of pork in a Taliban gathering. Or mailing a Dutch cartoon to an Egyptian lynch mob. Is the government too big? Are … Continue reading

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Are You Better Off … ?

Remember Gabrielle Giffords, a.k.a “Gabby” Giffords? The highly personable, intelligent and likable  “Blue Dog Democrat” and a U.S. congresswoman from Arizona? She was, of course, the victim of a January 2011 shooting – an assassination attempt that critically wounded her … Continue reading

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The Laziest Investment of All

In today’s financial column on CBS’s MarketWatch, Paul B. Farrell writes about “Lazy Portfolios” – i. e. Buy-and-Hold long term, “lazy” strategies that always beat brokers’ and advisors’ more aggressive, managed strategies. Here’s an excerpt of what he says: “America’s … Continue reading

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A Jihadi State-of-the-Union Presentation

Dateline, Pakistan January 11, 2012 In a remote mountain cave in the Hindu Kush, somewhere within Pakistan’s western border regions, an important meeting is convened. The convener is none other than the famous Mullah O, a Taliban imam formerly from … Continue reading

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And The Winner Is …..

2011 has been a year of uncertainty and turmoil in the global markets. In the latter part of the year we saw wild gyrations in the U. S. stock markets with the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) having a record … Continue reading

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Newt Gingrich Gets A Christmas Sermon

Newt Gingrich is awakened, like Abou Ben Adhem, from a deep dream. It’s 5:00 am on Christmas Day – he peers around in the darkness. He senses it – there’s a supernatural kind of presence in the room. “Who’s there?” … Continue reading

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