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The Job Creators?

The Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI) is a wonderful Berkeley organization dedicated to the advancement and celebration of Mathematics and its beauty and its application in every day affairs. For example on October 26th (two weeks from today) they are convening … Continue reading

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The GRIN Revolution – Cheap, Personalized Healthcare for the Billions

Some people don’t like Science. They think it dehumanizes us, mechanizes us and devalues our spirit, our aesthetics and our passions. It is heading our planet in the direction of ecological disaster, devastating wars, nuclear catastrophes, urban decay and continued … Continue reading

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The Laziest Investment of All

In today’s financial column on CBS’s MarketWatch, Paul B. Farrell writes about “Lazy Portfolios” – i. e. Buy-and-Hold long term, “lazy” strategies that always beat brokers’ and advisors’ more aggressive, managed strategies. Here’s an excerpt of what he says: “America’s … Continue reading

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